Annual Senate Reception

Washington Week  :    Annual Senate Reception

During Washington Week, student delegates have a chance to meet and converse with their United States senators at the USSYP Annual Senate Reception.

This event is carefully choreographed so that senator after senator can be quickly paired with their students – no time is spent on speeches or other activities. Each year approximately 80 senators attend, and they can show up at any point within the two-hour time frame that fits into their schedules.

The annual Senate Reception is a longstanding tradition of the USSYP where the student delegates are also photographed with their senators for the USSYP yearbook and senators personally sign the students’ college scholarship certificates as an additional keepsake from Washington Week. Local media from the delegates’ hometowns are invited to interview students and senators during the reception. This is the one certain opportunity for all student delegates to be able to meet their senators in person.

Students and Senate staff alike often ask if students can drop by individual Senate offices to meet with senators. Unfortunately, for scheduling and security reasons, all students must remain with the group at all times during Washington Week. We encourage selected student delegates to reach out to their senators prior to Washington Week to encourage all senators to attend the annual Senate Reception.

Photos from the 2024 Annual Senate Reception