Official Rules

Selection Process  :    Official Rules

  1. All delegates must agree to fully block both arrival and departure travel days to participate in Washington Week.
  2. No tours or trips will be permitted by individual delegates while traveling to or from Washington, D.C. This policy included any other outside activities, conferences, scholarship competition or event of another organization that is conducted in Washington D.C. or the surrounding area during the timeframe of the USSYP Washington Week and includes any outside appointments or events during the week.
    All travel provided by The Hearst Foundations is round-trip only and scheduled within the time frames listed below.
    Required Timeframe for Travel:
    ARRIVAL D.C.: Saturday, March 1, 2025, between 6:00 AM – 5:00 PM ET
    DEPARTURE D.C.: Saturday, March 8, 2025, between 5:00 AM – 9:00 AM ET
  3. The chief state school officer from each state, the District of Columbia and DoDEA must submit in writing to The Hearst Foundations by DECEMBER 1, 2024, the names of the two delegates and two alternates. Upon confirmation of qualifications, the program requires each delegate to submit a statement of participation including a code of conduct agreement to be signed by students and parents/legal guardians. All program Rules apply to the group as a whole, defined as minors.
  4. Code of Conduct:  Delegates will be the guests of the United States Senate and The Hearst Foundations throughout the program, whether in-person or online, and are required to conduct themselves with civility, dignity and professionalism. Debate and discussion are actively encouraged in an environment of tolerance, respect and inclusion. Students selected to the program are serving as at-large public representatives of their states, communities and schools, and attend the program to learn from the speakers and from one another. Students are prohibited from engaging in lobbying, petitioning, protest or overt political activism during Washington Week. Cyberbullying and bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. Delegates must comply with all program health and safety policies.
  5. No arrangements for individual religious practices or services other than dietary guidelines will be made during Washington Week. This policy will be strictly observed from the time the student delegates arrive at the Washington area airports, train station and program site until they return home.
  6. Failure to abide by rules and requirements of the program will result in dismissal from the program and forfeiture of the $10,000 scholarship award. Rules related to the USSYP and scholarship award shall be construed, interpreted and applied by The Hearst Foundations, whose action and determination shall be final and binding.