Washington Week: Overview

Washington Week  :    Overview

Washington Week is an intensive week of unparalleled educational activities designed to deepen the student delegates’ understanding of the federal government and give them direct access to those who lead it.

The action packed agenda for the week encompasses the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government. Events include meeting with the Senate Co-Chairs, other Senate leaders and the Senate parliamentarian and historian; a justice of the Supreme Court, the president, officials from the Departments of State and Defense and other executive agencies, a foreign ambassador to the U.S. and senior members of the media.

The agenda for Washington Week reflects the substantive issues of the day, and at each event the question and answer session is extensive. A highlight of the week is the USSYP Annual Senate Reception where all student delegates have an opportunity to meet and converse with their U.S. senators. This in-depth exposure to national and international leaders who generously give their time is precisely what fuels and sustains the delegates’ commitment to making a difference in their schools, their communities and their country.

The Department of Defense maintains a longstanding partnership with the United States Senate Youth Program by providing a competitively selected “purple team” of 17 of the most exceptional military officers from each service branch to serve as mentors during Washington Week. The mentors help the students move smoothly from one high-level venue to the next and guide the students in the protocol and comportment necessary during the week.